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Since the human race’s natural end is to make steady cultural progress, its moral end is to be conceived as progressing toward the better. And this progress may well be occasionally interrupted, but it will never be broken off.

Immanuel Kant
Perpetual Peace and Other Essays

Speaking to the World and People

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Colombo, Sri Lanka
(September 18, 2018))

Centre for Peace Studies – SRI LANKA

The Centre for Peace Studies has been at the forefront of developing new ideas about conflict resolution, mediation, peace keeping, human security and peacebuilding. It developed an international reputation for the practical application of these ideas in war zones and communities driven by conflicts.


A project carried out to promote and support the role of people in peace‐building activities and make them living together in dignity and dialogue
The activities of CPS involve working with warring parties, Government agencies, NGOs, regional and international organizations, together with the civilian communities caught up in these conflicts.

Vision: raise the quality of Peace education, prevent violence, strengthen a climate of tolerance and security, and foster the development of values of peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding, as well as capacities for the non-violent resolution of conflicts.

Eurasian Doctoral Summer Academy (EDSA)

(September 3-9, 2018))

Eurasian Doctoral Summer Academy (EDSA) was founded and established as an academic initiative with the view of assisting Doctoral Candidates, encompassing both PhD and DBA. The idea is to equip the candidates with tools for ensuring a high quality of their thesis

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